wait so who made those line stickers tho….


thanks for being patient, y’all! I’m coming off of a 6-week trip for work and family reasons, and setting back in at home, finally. just bc ur practice is digital doesn’t mean it’s easy to travel and stay on schedule!

resource roundup!

if you want to make your own media player (maybe you really miss your old Winamp skin aesthetic???) here’s a guide on using Python with VLC to create a basic video player. you do you!

ok, this totally makes sense but is still an endless source of frustration when a client asks for some insane layout that would totally be 1000% easier with something like ::first-column. CSS selectors depend on layout for good reason, but we can keep dreaming….

looking to suck away half of your day? this collection of CSS abuse brings together some projects that have been featured in AGtC in the past, including Pure CSS Francine, but are always worth another look. it’s sort of comforting to see that it’s possible to go so far above and beyond when you’re losing your mind over a div that just won’t float right.

? upcoming events!

monday November 19! Beta Publix IX! London UK: London’s only curated night of video games and theatre returns for a NINTH jam-packed evening. if you want to check out the cutting edge of performance and play, this looks like a good way to spend a monday night. tix are £10-12 and available thru Camden People’s Theatre.

saturday November 24! The Intimate Space at St. Mary’s Tower! London UK: Steep – a night for adventures in electronica, improv, and sound art returns to the St. Mary’s Tower for the final time in 2018. this is an intimate experience featuring Janine A’Bear and The Slate Pipe Banjo Draggers. here’s a soundpiece that A’Bear recently made for the listening room of David Lynch’s Silencio nightclub. tix are £5.50 and available on wegottickets.


tomorrow is the LAST DAY to apply for Welcome to my Homepage. what are you waiting for????? you can apply thru their website.

Her Environment is seeking entries from feminine spectrum artists in multi-disciplinary works relating to New Media. sounds pretty open and like there’s a lot of room for exploration with technology. deadline is November 20! apply here.

the 2019 Game Developers Conference has an open call for Alt.Ctrl.GDC, the on-site showcase highlighting unique control methods for playing games. the deadline is November 30, and you’re invited to submit any and all one-of-a-kind game peripherals, contraptions, and novelties to share how they enhance game experiences and challenge expectations. more info, including some inspiration from standouts from Alt.Ctrl.GDC’s past, is available on Gamasutra.

ElectroCities has an open call for their programming for 2019 for artists and collectives working in new media, sound, performance, video, net.art, interactive art and more! this residency program hosts one artwork every two months on the Electrofringe website, with 3 artists/collectives hosted over the course of 2019, culminating in their annual showcase in October. submissions are due December 1 so get to it! apply here.

Afrotech Fest, a tech festival by and for Black people of African and Caribbean heritage, has an open call for submissions for their 2019 event in London. even if you have never given a talk before, they encourage submitting your idea for consideration and offer some great resources for how to prepare. deadline is January 13, apply here.

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