long time no see!


As you may have noticed, I have been terminally offline for a long time. I don’t intend to change that, but I am finally rebooting “An Artist’s Guide” as a new publication next month!

Version 2.0 is intended to be anti-content featuring thoughtful essays on art and technology, interviews with creators in these fringy spaces about how their creative process really works, and a better workflow for you all to share your events and opportunities without feeling like we’re all some part of an algorithmic slurry. If you are tired of the barrage of internet bullshit that just makes you feel bad and weird, I promise I will do my best to make something different that feels evergreen and truly useful. It will be shit that you want to send to a friend, or bookmark, or would even read in a real book, and not just shit you skim over and forget in a day.

I’ll be kicking off the version 2.0 early next month, but in the meantime I need your help!

1.  I need to know what you are making!

If you are a creator and you are working on or have finished something you are proud of, excited about, nervous about, whatever, please reach out and tell me what you are up to! Don’t worry if it is “old.” The new Artist’s Guide is about having interesting conversations, not just covering the latest thing. Send me an email at submissions@everyoneisugly.com and I’ll get in touch for a new series on creator interviews.

2. I need to know what you are doing!

The new website will have a proper calendar of featured events so that you don’t have to wait til whenever I click publish to know what’s going on in our broader community. Click here to submit your community events directly for review.

Also, if you have an opportunity to share, please send me an email at submissions@everyoneisugly.com.

3. I need to know where you are hanging out!

Things have changed since COVID! Spaces have opened, spaces have closed, spaces have moved, online spaces have become offline, and vice versa. If you are a community organizer who would like to have your space featured in the Artist’s Guide, please click here and fill out this form.

4. I need to know what you are thinking about!

My #2 reason for taking a break from the Artist’s Guide is that I really really really did not want to be writing about trendy topics like AI and NFTs just because everyone else was (my #1 reason was I had other life shit to deal with). I didn’t have anything to add to a lot of the hot topic art & technology conversations, and I needed time to get offline, read some books, go to some events, and actually digest and make some art.

I already have some topics I am excited to cover, but I want to know what is on your mind as a creative person in this strange world. What are you reading? What are you listening to? What are you watching? What are you struggling with in your creative practice? Who do you want to meet and collaborate with? Where have you been that has inspired you?

You can hop right in at our hopefully soon-to-be-lively Discord or just send me an email with your thoughts. I love getting real emails from someone who isn’t a spammy corporation or my student loan provider.

5. I need your support.

There are 2 big ways you can support this relaunch. First, spread the word. I am, again, extremely offline these days. If you know anyone who would be interested in reading or submitting to this newsletter, please forward this email along!

Second, I will be opening up member donations again. These donations will cover costs like hosting, plugins like the new calendar system, and my labor in writing and producing this publication. I also hope to have enough funds to pay guest writers as well as translators to make the content more accessible to more people. (I live in Mexico and tbh 70% of my creative practice is in Spanish these days, so it’s goofy to be offering a publication in English exclusively.) I’ll be doing a bigger membership push in October with full transparency on where the money goes, but for now you can sign up for a paid membership by clicking here.

You will always be able to read every post by signing up for free, but if you can afford to donate it greatly helps my ability to keep the lights on! I will also be rolling out some workshops and courses in the fall, and paying members will get discounts on registration + first dibs on spots.


An Artist’s Guide is coming back! It will be different! It will be good! Stay tuned!

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