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hey y’all! thx for your patience! I’m traveling for a wedding, for family time, and for an artist roundtable in Detroit, so my usual newsletter timing has been a bit wacky!

one big rush over the weekend was actually making some art omg! I’m going to be in Detroit from Nov 11-12 for an NEA roundtable and artist show + tell, as well as hitting up some art and maker events in NYC, so I wanted to finish up a prototype for a series of objects I’ve been working on (click thru for a video):


post-collapse wearable: ready just in time for a hacker salon in NYCOctober 28, 2019

I love having a chance to actually work with my hands, and have been toying with some concepts of sci-fi wearables for a while. this is the first prototype around the question of “what is luxury in a post-climate collapse future?” this is in part inspired by Manu Saadia’s exploration of what is luxury in a post-scarcity future in Trekonomics. I wanted to make jewelry that explores a darker future, where organic materials like leather and preserved flowers become status symbols for their rarity.

anyway, I could talk forever about this, so if u wanna hear more hit me up while I’m in town lol.


resource roundup!

omg this is both hypnotic and also a lovely illustration of logic gates:

Hoefler&Co have been putting out some free tools for teaching typographic design, like this set of materials for teaching typographic illusions that can be paired with their episode of the Netflix documentary Abstract: The Art of Design.

speaking of typography, I’ve become quite a fan of David Jonathan Ross’ Font of the Month Club. it’s a pretty affordable way to flesh out your collection with some distinctive typefaces to inspire a little more creativity in your design choices. it’s so easy to fall into using the same old stuff all the time if typography isn’t your speciality, so maybe this subscription is a way to wake up your choices a bit.

more and more I think about color in terms of accessibility. I haven’t dug in on the video lesson on this page, but the list of tools and resources is great and worth a look. at the very least it’s helpful to have these things on deck when you’re having conversations about accessibilities with your collaborators.

omg I am ded over this ajolote board kit from the Mexican open hardware company Electronic Cats. on top of being adorable, it comes with 2 LEDs, a battery and holder, and a pin that you can use to make it into a wearable. and 50% of the profits from this kit support ajolote conservation! if you’ve been looking for a little project to get you comfortable with basic soldering, this looks like a lovely little option. I wanna order one as soon as I get back to Mexico! you can get yours here, and you can learn more about Electronic Cats in this little feature from Adafruit.

? upcoming events!

Wednesday, Nov 6! Hackaday.io: hop onto Wednesday’s Hack Chat for a conversation with Mohit Bhoite about the art of sculptural circuit design:

For all the effort engineers put into electronic design, very few people ever get to appreciate it. All the hard work that goes into laying out a good PCB and carefully selecting just the right components is hidden the moment the board is slipped into an enclosure, only to be interacted with again through a user interface that gets all the credit for the look and feel of the product.

And yet there are some that design circuits purely as works of art. They may do something interesting or useful, but function is generally secondary to form for these circuit sculptors. Often consisting of skeletons of brass wire bent at precise angles to form intricate structures, circuit sculptures are the zen garden of electronic design: they’re where the designer turns to quiet the madness of making deadlines and meeting specs by focusing on the beauty of components themselves and putting them on display for all to enjoy.

this sounds rad! if I can manage it I hope to catch this one myself. you can learn more here.

also Wednesday Nov 6! Platzi México! CDMX, México: Eventloop is back for November with a practical talk on frontend testing from Michell Alegría, and one from Richard B. Kaufmann on what he wishes he knew when he began his career. I always like how Eventloop focuses on hard skills, soft skills, and creativity in their curation, so check this one out if you’re in town. you can RSVP here.

Thursday, Nov 7! Hangar! Barcelona, Spain: this Thursday drop by Hangar for a FREE algorave with a pretty stacked lineup…

Nov 7 – 8! also Hangar! also Barcelona, Spain: …or drop in a bit earlier on Thursday and Friday for a live coding workshop with TidalCycles, given by its creator Alex McLean. how often do you get to learn from the person who literally made the tool??? both events are part of TOPLAP’s residency at Hangar, and both look work checking out. you can learn more here and here.

Saturday, Nov 9! Triangle Arts Association! Brooklyn, NY USA: Triangle Arts Association is collaborating with the Tech Learning Collective to present Digital Defenses for the People: Practical Digital Security. this is a donation-based workshop that will give you a really solid grounding in how to approach online security in a practical way. this sounds like a no-nonsense way to walk away feeling more in-control over your digital experience, so I highly recommend! as always, there’s a discounted rate for queer-identified and femme people, and a no-tolerance policy against bigotry, so you can count on this being a safe space for learning. learn more here.

also Saturday, Nov 9! ITP NYU! NYC, NY USA: the computer mouse conference centers around the idea of re-imagine the mouse as an object. the conference will feature 8 artists, 6 speakers, and 3 panelists presenting work on this theme- looks rad and unique! you can learn more and RSVP here!

Saturday, Nov 16! Wonderville! Brooklyn, NY USA: another Tech Learning Collective gem: Hex90’s latest queer hacker salon will be hosted at Wonderville this month. I will actually be at this one and cannot wait!!! the invite speaks for itself, so check it out here, and maybe I’ll c u in the meatspace this month.


ok we’re a few days into November but it’s not too late to join in on #nodevember! every day you can challenge yourself to create some procedural art based on the day’s prompt. I’ve been seeing some cute stuff on social media, and hope I’ll have time before the end of the month to use this as an excuse to start learning how to make procedural shaders. learn more here!

Nervous System is seeking a part-time studio assistant to help with day-to-day operations at their space in Palenville, NY. this sounds like a cute opportunity for someone looking to supplement their income with some work in generative design. learn more here.

Instructables has a BUNCH of contests open right now with entries that close on December 2, so check out their listings page & see if anything works for your projects! some potential relevant topics include: robotics, multi-discipline, and made with math.

Electrofringe is looking to fill 3 positions in their Directorial Team: an Artistic Director, a General Manager, and a Marketing/Communications Manager. applications are due by November 24, and you can learn more here.

Arts Catalyst has an open call for artists based in Yorkshire for 2020. you can learn more and apply here by November 1!

Olin College of Engineering is seeking applicants for its creative residency program, an initiative that’s part of Sketch Model. you can learn more and apply by November 15 here.

the European Media Art Platform has an open call for media artists in the fields of digital media with applications due by December 2. you can learn more here.

Rhizome has a rolling open call for their 2019-2020 microgrants! you can learn more & apply here!

just for lulz!

lol this is every time I try to articulate a project concept w/ a WIP vs. when I actually finish:


if you have anything in the works that you are excited about (an event, a workshop, a new project), please send me all the details. the next newsletter will cover the week of November 11 – 17, but I’m happy to promote events further in the future as well and keep them on the calendar.

I’m also putting out a special issue soon about a very important topic…

???MONEY ???

(and, like, having a sustainable creative career)

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