new year, new you, git it gurl!


a day late this week due to settling into San Francisco for these next 3 months! the weather sucks (especially after spending the holidays in Yucatán), but I’m slowly eking out connections outside of the usual bro-zone. hit me up if you’re in the area and would like to connect!

speaking of getting outside the bro-zone, pre-orders for Amy Wibowo’s Git It Gurl sweatshirt are live again! Bubble Sort Zines only releases clothing through pre-orders to reduce waste, so if you’ve been coveting this one now is your chance. make your order before February 1!

cool project alert!

Cynthia Hua has a new mini art project – Thirty-Six Copies of the Mona Lisa. it’s a web poem that explores art, authenticity, and asian identity in the context of technology. make some time for it ASAP!

resource roundup!

here’s a nice lil cheatsheet on Git to help you with your new year’s resolution for better version control.

are you still using a guess and check strategy when it comes to CSS? maybe this year is also the year you make some time to learn how to learn CSS. it’s worth it, I promise.

AR feels more and more inevitable as a dominant media, so this article on typography in AR is worth a read.

color leap is a web app that lets you explore color palettes across different eras. are you working on a game that just needs to feel like it’s set in 1783? choosing the right colors can give you a leg up in creating the right mood.

and, while we’re on the subject of color, here’s a nice little tool for interpolating between 2 colors. get yourself a graceful hex code gradient for whatever you’re working on.

have you played with brain.js yet? it’s a library of neural networks written in javascript. if you’re looking to really dive in, here’s a 19-part course that mixes lectures and interactive tutorials.

if you grew up on those hypnotic videos of factories in motion on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood like I did, this time-lapse video of 3D printing a chainmail wallet is incredibly hypnotic:

you can learn more about the project here.


this is your final chance to apply for Afrotech Fest, a tech festival by and for Black people of African and Caribbean heritage! their open call for submissions for their 2019 event in London has its deadline on January 13, apply here.

we’re also coming up on the deadline for School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe’s two full diversity scholarships per class for each 4-week program next year! applications will be accepted until January 15.

and… Theorizing the Web 2019 is live!

Theorizing the Web is an event held annually since 2011 for critical, conceptual conversations about technology and society. We believe social theory has a larger role to play in our conversations about technology. While there are plenty of individual arguments, datasets, and policy proposals out there, what often gets overlooked are the larger frameworks, histories, and literatures.

their call for papers is open until January 20. you should submit! just fill out this form with your proposal.

just for lulz:

Meditations is a launcher that loads a short, free game every day of the year. each game is only available for its release day, so you’ll have to wait until January 8 rolls around in 2020 if you miss today!


as always, submit to the open artist call if you have anything in the works that you are excited about! and if you have an event or opportunity to promote (anywhere), please send me all the details. the next newsletter will cover the week of January 14 to 20, but I’m happy to promote events farther in the future as well and keep them on the calendar.

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