surfer pikachu gets out of town!


it’s Pride month but I am AT THE BEACH RIGHT THIS MOMENT. so next week will be a proper Pride post, and this will be a shortie to hold you over til I am back in town. heads up that I am not back until the evening of June 10, so the post will probably go out sometime the following day.

resource roundup!

h/t to my dad for sending me this post on Jun Wu’s relationship with poetry and coding in her work. I like this idea of treating code as verbal communication that should be given the same kind of artistry and respect as poetry, as well as her acknowledgment that sometimes you just need to step away from a piece to let yourself recover.

I’ve been going thru some general ~career transition~ (more on this in the coming weeks), which I am also treating as a great time to reevaluate the services I am using. I have to transition a ton of crap anyway, so why not look into new solutions for stuff like my web hosting, my email, my privacy, etc. twitter friend @THIRDLOOKintern turned me on to Posteo this week, and after HOURS of fighting with gmail over some nonsense the past few weeks, I’m happy to use this as a chance to choose something more secure and sustainable. Posteo seems legit! they are really into transparency and security, and they use 100% green energy. they don’t collect any personal data from users, and it’s €1 a month. I’ll keep u all posted as I carry on and possibly move all of my email use over to them. if, like me, u also want to use an external domain for professional reasons, I found this post by Andy Schwartzmeyer helpful. as he says on his site, you should stop using Google, Gmail, Chrome and Facebook! and not just bc they goofed up some account settings on an ancient account and now you can’t fix it bc their support is terrible.

on a related note, I put up a new version of that is mostly just a cute lil animation w/ our AGtC mascot. I just pushed the code up to Github so that u can steal the flying script if u want. it’s called pika-dance.js because it’s based on a script that I originally used to make a Pikachu run around on a site. reduce reuse recycle!

CSSBattle is the first ever code-golfing platform for CSS lovers, by Kushagra Gour and Kushagra Agarwal and ! this looks fun as hell if you are as addicted to tricky CSS as I am. you can read more about the creation process here, or just dig in!

if you want to dive deep on variables in JS, here’s a great post about the various ways you can implement private variables. if you’re struggling with managing scope, this is a good place to start!


the Interactive Architecture Lab is organizing the first Bartlett Creative Coding Summer School in London, from Sept 9-20 2019. it’s a course intended to introduce participants to computer programming as a creative discipline for express, with a focus on Processing. it’s open to the general public, tho current & incoming students at Bartlett or other institutions can take advantage of a discounted rate. no prior experience needed! you can learn more here.

the Experiential Space Research Lab has an open call for immersive art experiences that provoke radical re-imaginings of the living world. if ur in the Bay Area, there’s one last upcoming mixer on June 20 to answer questions and provide a space for artists to meet potential collaborators. deadline is June 23 so u should hustle!

Eyebeam’s 2020 Residency is now open for submissions! apply by June 21 to be considered for this 6 month research and experimentation-focused program for creative practitioners. for this program, Eyebeam is shifting its focus to be more responsive to artist needs and the larger community. check out their FAQ for more details.

Toronto New Wave has an open call for interactive, VR, AR, XR and new media works for the 2019 program! the submission deadline is July 2, so you still have some time to put in some work on this one. they’re prioritizing new works completed after January 1, 2018 and projects intending to premier at the festival. get on it! you can fill out a submission here.

from March 18-22, 2020, the third edition of festival DIGITAL SPRING will take place in Salzburg, Germany. this year’s theme is STAND BY. there’s an open call for non-commercial media arts projects as well as a four-week residency from the end of February through the end of the festival. the deadline is June 30, 2019 so get on it if this sounds up your alley! more details here.

Google Arts & Culture and Google AI present Artists + Machine Intelligence Grants – the grants will support six artists with technical mentorship, core Google research, and funding. I always feel a lil wobbly about big corporate grant opportunities, but if it fits your practice, go for it. in this case, you get to keep ownership of your IP, which is always the biggest risk. apply by Monday July 15!

? upcoming events!

Friday June 7! Grey Area! San Francisco, CA USA: Rush V1 is a choose-your-own-adventure immersive club experience presented as a collaboration between LEVYdance and Gray Area. if you’re into contemporary dance, immersive storytelling, interactive art, or all of the above, and live in the Bay Area, this looks rad as hell. more info is available here, and you can get tix here.

Saturday June 15! Wonderville! Brooklyn, NY USA: Wonderville NYC in collaboration with the Tech Learning Collective presents: A Dark Web workshop by and for Femmes and Allies! this digital safety workshop is open to all and is facilitated by the Tech Learning Collective’s femme-identified cybersecurity instructors. it’s a two-hour mini-intensive focused on the Tor Project. don’t worry if you’re new to cybersecurity – this will be a safe and welcoming environment for learning how to make the most of Tor, a free digital safety tool. this crew is legit, and I highly recommend this event if you’re in the NYC area! tix are $45, or $30 for queer and femme-identified folx. u can learn more here.

Tuesday, June 18! Wythe Hotel! Brooklyn, NY USA: Eyebeam is turning 20 with a “Fête of the Future” benefit at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn this June. it’s definitely a splurge, but the event includes visuals created by THE FAMILY with art direction by Eyebeam resident Yo-Yo Lin, artist-led experiences up for auction from alumni Zach Lieberman, Lauren McCarthy, and Taeyoon Choi, as well as a live performance from Jasminfire. tix are available on Eventbrite.

just for lulz!

this game by filmmaker Michael Frei and game designer Mario von Rickenbach looks buckwild. it’s only a few bucks and is available on a bunch of platforms, so I’m def gonna give it a try when I am back from my trip.


as always, submit to the open artist call if you have anything in the works that you are excited about! I swear I’m actually going to read through them and start pinging people (lol). and if you have an event or opportunity to promote (anywhere), please send me all the details. the next newsletter will cover the week of June 11 to June 16, but I’m happy to promote events further in the future as well and keep them on the calendar.

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