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how are u doing, how are u holding up, what are u working on these days?

a major h/t to friend-of-the-newsletter Sam for sending me a link to this lil bite-sized documentary that is 1000% worth a watch. if you are like me you will literally squeal with delight at this touching little story of someone’s creative obsession with technology. it somehow packs a life’s work into a touching ~15 minutes. no spoilers, just go watch this tonight if you have Netflix! I promise it will be worth it.

resource roundup!

(cw: this video is a bit flashy/might be a photosensitive epilepsy trigger.)

Tim Rodenbröker has released a new workshop on creative coding with a Bauhaus-slant that emphasizes using technical knowledge creatively. it’s based on Processing, but it sounds like the exercises are suitable for other technologies. check it out here!

here’s a very bookmarkable rundown of some use cases for CSS animations that focuses on the whys rather than the hows of using animations well. worth a read if you’re looking to spice up a project but don’t want your user experience to suffer.

this video on aesthetics in gaming does a nice job of framing why color theory and thoughtful visual choices make a serious difference in gameplay:

y’all remember the Electric Zine Maker? well, here’s a cute Glitch zine by Mary Truong that does a nice job of illustrating and explaining some core concepts of 3D modeling. worth a read! (h/t to friend-of-the-newsletter Gisela for this one!)

do you want to do some more blogging, maybe to document a cool project or reinforce some of your own learning by teaching others? this workflow by Ali Spittel is a solid guide to how to get started and get some writing out there.

open calls!

Babycastles has just announced a new residency for this fall, as a platform for making and presenting new work! they’re welcoming artists, scholars, musicians, researchers, engineers, community-builders and practitioners of any definition to apply. residents will receive a $500 honorarium for the residency period of Oct 15 to Jan 15. applications are due Sept 25, so learn more here and start working on that application!

Hackaday’s Remoticon will happen Nov 6 – 8 this fall, and proposals for workshops and demos are due TOMORROW SEPT 1. they’re looking for workshops and demos within engineering, technical subjects, software, and design. apply here!

applications are open until TOMORROW SEPT 1 for Ars Electronica .ART Global Gallery. due to the pandemic, the festival will have an online showcase for the first time to showcase work. use this form to apply!

University of the Underground has an open call to teach in the “New Politics and Afrofuturism” program. they’re specifically looking for educators to teach classes on topics like Afrofuturism, Political Disruption, Black Radical Imagination, Climate Justice, and Indigenous Studies. applications are due by September 11, and priority will be given to POC educators. learn more here.

Hackaday is hosting another Circuit Sculpture Challenge! entries are due by November 10. learn more here.

education opportunities!

Char Stiles will be giving a 2-part workshop on shaders via CODAME starting Sept 20! you’ll work with a free, browser-based environment to learn how to code graphics and animations for a variety of fun applications. learn more and register here.

+CODE is a Buenos Aires-based organization with a number of virtual Spanish-language workshops, talks, and seminars on the calendar for this fall! topics include a hands-on workshop on Arduino, a seminar on the relationship between intimacy and technology, and much more! you can check out the available programs here.

CUNA, an interdisciplinary school in Mexico City, has kicked off some online programming this month, with classes in English and Spanish! you can learn more here.

School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe also has their roster of online offerings for the fall. check out the full roster here!

HackadayU has pay-as-you-wish classes, with all proceeds going to socially conscious causes. you can check out all the available courses here.

Gray Area is also running another online edition of their Creative Code Immersive this fall, starting September 8. you can learn more here and check out the spring showcase here. I will be participating in this session myself, so maybe we’ll get to make & learn together!

? upcoming events!

Tues Sept 1! 4PM GMT-4! as always, Tech Learning Collective has a stacked calendar of courses that are probably relevant to your interests. tomorrow they’ll be hosting another session of their primer on how to use Tor Web Browser to keep you safer and open your personal gateway to the Dark Web. learn more and register here!

Weds Sept 2! 6:30PM GMT-4! Hardware Hack Lab is hosting online sessions! this is an open space to get hands-on with new technology amidst a supportive community. I have met some rad creatives thru HHL and the Volumetric Society of NYC before, and recommend checking this out if you’re looking to connect with new friends. you can learn more and RSVP here.

Sept 8-13! UTC-4: Our Networks 2020 will take place online this year, as a space to collectively invent the future of networks in virtual spaces. I registered for this one myself, and I’m looking forward to digging a lil deeper into these conversations. you can learn more and register here.

Sept 20 & 27! UTC-4! Black Womxn Time Camp is a 2-day program exploring time, alternative temporalities, time travel, time experiments, temporal shifts and other temporal technologies from the frameworks, rituals, and cultural traditions of Black women, femmes, girls, non-binary, and gender non-conforming folks. the lineup includes over 20 workshops, presentations, and portals, including some youth-friendly events. this sounds like a unique exploration of some exciting themes! learn more and get tix here.

just for lulz!

just some wholesome content for u:


if you have anything in the works that you are excited about (an event, a workshop, a new project), please send me all the details. I also still gotta go thru my backlog of projects that have been sent in over the past few months – I promise I didn’t forget you! if you wanna share links or chat, there is now a Discord server that you can use here.

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