my life is a confluence of Riso prints, apparently


omg how did a miss the Tiny Tech Zines fair???!! if, like me, you are an oblivious goober (and/or just not in LA), you can do what I’m doing, which is perusing the #tinytechzines hashtags on Instagram and following a bunch of creators in the hopes of tracking down & purchasing their zines on the internets.


New for @tinytechzines! In This Thread is a collection of screenshots of funny, strange and possibly useful Reddit threads. Reddit’s threading and display of comments creates a sense of comedic timing that’s just a little bit different than everywhere else on the Internet ?‍♀️
See you tomorrow in Los Angeles! #tinytechzines #tinytextzines #risographAugust 10, 2019

maybe it validates all my reddit time lately to have a beautiful Risographed zine of highlights by Amy Burek???

Hyperallergic had a nice preview of the event that talks about its motivations of tackling the problem of diversity in tech. h/t to friend-of-the-newsletter Jason Alderman for sending me a note about this event that I totally missed!!

resource roundup!

speaking of Risographs, p5.Riso.js is a new p5.js library by Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain that generates files suitable for Risograph printing by automating color separation and allowing you to preview a print. if you’re looking for a new way to document & distribute your p5 sketches, give it a try! after a visit to Casa de El Hijo del Ahuizote on Saturday, I’m personally craving a chance for a print-related outlet, so maybe this library is a way to get inspired!

have you been wanting to learn R? are you tired of learning resources that feel disconnected from real-world application? this codecademy course developed by Natalia Rodríguez and Ian Freed uses real government data on child separation as obtained by the ACLU to walk you through a scenario of using that data to better understand a concerning human rights issue. data is not apolitical, and it’s great to see a course that addresses this in a practical way. I am planning on making some time for this course ASAP!

did u watch The Great Hack on Netflix this week and get a lil freaked out? well, you should be! but don’t let that concern turn into impotence. the Tech Learning Collective (u no I am a stan) has a new blog post this week on their approach to a security-first approach to technology education, including some links to further resources like PRISM BREAK.

I am getting back into some hardware tinkering myself and stumbled across this Arduino IDE cheat sheet via Reddit (ok sometimes Reddit is useful!).

aaaand here’s a big ol’ list of open source Vue.js projects. it’s pretty skewed towards commercial applications, but there’s a lot of useful stuff including some lovely visual effects.


as a part of Inter/setions 2019, Queen Mary University of London is hosting an Unuseless Music Design Hackathon from November 8-9, with applications due by September 8. does spending 2 days trying to make the silliest and most subversive musical design sound fun to you? you can learn more here!

today is the FINAL DAY to apply for funding from Microsoft and Knight Foundation for concepts to engage audiences through immersive experiences at art institutions. this is maybe a bit much to rush last minute if this is the first you’re hearing of it, but if you’re already associated with an institution that has been working in this direction you can probably pull something together by 10:59 ET tonight. learn more here.

the call for the 2019 Hackaday Prize is open until August 25! this is a worldwide hardware design contest focused on product development. so what makes a good entry? you can learn more and submit your project here.

House of Electronic Arts Basel and the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of the Zurich University of the Arts have an open call for artists for a residency and production program. they’re looking for a European artist or artists who are interested in learning how to work with their Immersive Lab, a unique sound and video space, and produce a new work for it. submissions are due by September 22, and you can learn more here.

? upcoming events!

Weds, Aug 21! CENTRO diseño! Mexico City, Mexico: this free event will dig in on the idea of data as a curatorial tool, with Mexico as a case study. is there a place for data visualization to serve as an alternative for low-budget educational exhibitions? I’m gonna try to check this one out personally, so if u see me say hi! RSVP on Eventbrite. you’ll need to show an ID and your Eventbrite QR code to enter the building so don’t forget to RSVP!

Sept 9-13! School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe! Berlin, Germany: here’s a week-long workshop from School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe designed to get you working in VR with no prior experience necessary. all of the software that will be used is free, so you just need to bring a laptop. learn more and get tix (including a discounted rate for students) here.

Weds, Sept 11! Covent Garden! London, UK: LDC and INTERLACED are teaming up for a panel discussion on the crossovers between fashion and gaming for London Fashion Week. early bird tix are already sold out! but you can get regular admission on Eventbrite.

Sept 16-21! Berlin, Germany: Citizens of Evidence: Independent Investigations for Change is a conference of the Disruption Network Lab this September in Berlin. the conference itself is the 20-21, in conjunction with a workshop presented by School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe on using technology to investigate injustice. this looks really good, and I’m secretly trying to come up with excuses to attend. you can learn more here.

Sat, Sept 21! Triangle Arts Association! Brooklyn, NY USA: the Tech Learning Collective will be debuting a new workshop to teach you how to run your own server! it’s a 1-day intensive course particularly geared towards DIY spaces that might want to provide alternative infrastructures to their communities. tix are $150, with a discounted rate of $99 for queer and femme folks. if I was in NYC in Sept I’d be here for sure (as always, TLC has rolling admissions, so maybe I’ll get lucky with a future session when I’m back in NYC later in the fall)! this looks like some great knowledge to have if digital independence and community organizing is important to you. you can learn more here.

just for lulz!

if u wanna get lost in some lovely/fascinating/weird websites, this twitter thread lists a bunch of good ones:

just for lulz 2!

sorry this is rly good also:


as always, submit to the open artist call if you have anything in the works that you are excited about! I swear I’m actually going to read through them and start pinging people (lol). and if you have an event or opportunity to promote (anywhere), please send me all the details. the next newsletter will cover the week of August 19 to August 25, but I’m happy to promote events further in the future as well and keep them on the calendar.

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