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hoo boy, moving sucks! I am finally in my new apartment/much improved workspace, tho a lot of the improvements are still pending (somehow, most of my furniture is still missing in the mail), but I’m looking forward to starting a new year in a new space that is designed from the start for tinkering, art-making, studio visits, visiting friends, etc. will I start making video tutorials? idk maybe! (I did buy a mic and webcam.) anyway, thanks for sticking it out for a week w/o AGtC!

p.s. if u want to get a holiday/end of year postcard from me, sign up here like ASAP! even if you are international, please feel free to sign up. postcards are going to ship out from the US, and I have a bunch of postcard stamps waiting 4 u.

resource roundup!

it’s time for Advent of Code! ok it started on the 1st, but on the 1st I was on the phone with FedEx Mexico trying to figure out why I don’t have a bed, so. but you have plenty of time to catch up and enjoy this annual Advent calendar of programming puzzles that you can solve in any language that you like.

if ur feeling that holiday/EOY stress, might I recommend this gentle, 8-part (8!!!!) series on making a giant LED that is basically also just some chill ASMR:

do u need even more music for programming? I recommend this newly released remix of the amazing Lia Mice’s album “The Sampler As A Time Machine.” you can listen for free on Bandcamp, but all proceeds go towards the creation of the world’s first collection of accessible instruments. so like, worth ur $$$.

u no I love some interface history, so this Evolution of the Scrollbar is right up my alley. the 1981 Xerox Star version is especially worth a look for its reversed arrow placement.

rendering text in WebGL can be fussy, so here is a nice guide tailored to usage with ThreeJS, with fun demos for some different techniques. do u need to be able to destroy some text with a lightsaber for ur upcoming Baby Yoda project? there’s literally a demo for that.

The Coding Train has a new series on training a neural network with ml5. ml5 is especially tailored for creative applications, so this series is worth checking out if you have some ML project kicking around on a back burner where you’d need to train your own network from scratch but don’t know where to start:

? upcoming events!

Today Dec 9! Central Library! Brooklyn, NY USA: The Brooklyn Library is hosting instructors Clàudia Prat and Judith Samper for an introduction to VR and AR. they’re following it up with a hands-on workshop on December 14, so make some time for the library this week! more info here.

Friday Dec 13! The Church for the Fellowship of All People! San Francisco, CA USA: Ethics in Tech and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots have pulled together a night of punching up at Big Tech. if you need some catharsis (and some pizza) this event is for you. learn more here.

also Fri Dec 13! Gray Area! San Francisco, CA USA: Galvanize is a showcase of live AV performances by local artists, as a holiday benefit party for supporting Gray Area’s creative center for immersive media and experiential art. it’s cuffing season, and what better way to impress ur prospective NYE date than by treating them to a night of performances in support of our collective future. more info here.

Saturday Dec 14! Laboratorio 118! Mexico City, Mexico: if ur craving a little holiday spirit in ur live coding, this night of lights, sounds, good vibes, and dancing is for u. Noches HelloWorld are a series of sessions of AV experimentation, sound, live coding, and music aiming to give visibility to women working in art and technology. I haven’t been to Laboratorio 118 yet, but this looks like a good opportunity to check it out! more info here.

Dec 14 -15! Triangle Arts Association! Brooklyn, NY USA: this weekend conference, hosted by Tech Learning Collective via their semi-permanent residency with Triangle Arts Association, will feature New Yorkers fighting against invasive corporate and dragnet government surveillance alongside national technology law and policy watchdogs. the lineup is STACKED. you can learn more & get your tickets here.

also Dec 14 – 15! of10! Mumbai, India: Music Hack Day India is a community-driven even for programmers, artists, makers, academics, and innovators to come together around the future of music technology. the 2-day event includes a hackathon, an algorave, q/a sessions, and lots of networking. you can learn more here.

Dec 15 – 16! Tisch School of the Arts! New York, NY USA: ITP & IMA’s winter show is always a great place to see some wild projects and get inspired. while you’re out doing your holiday shopping in Manhattan, take a break to dip in and play with some fringe-y creative tech. it’s also a good opportunity to check out the kind of work that comes out of both programs if you’re thinking of applying. more info here.


here’s a reminder that starting in January 2020, I’m going to be hosting 1 digital work per month from the ?? an artist’s guide to computation ?? community! if you’d like to share a web-based project, and receive some production support, please email me at info@marthahipley.com with your name, a short description of the work you’d like to share, and any relevant links (website, social, etc.).

are you hoping to do a residency in 2020? check out this mega list of opportunities compiled by artist Everest Pipkin. puzzling through all the various listing sites for residencies is a real chore, so Pipkin is deffo doing us all a service by pulling this info into a clear and simple spreadsheet that is regularly maintained. make urself a cup of tea and spend a little time scrolling thru to see if anything works for you.

Abandon Normal Devices and Somerset House are commissioning a new live AV performance for AND Festival 2020 exploring the themes of the festival site related to water, industry, global trade and the intersection between climate change and feminism.. this opportunity is open to women and non-binary artists of all ages, including international applicants. applications are due Wednesday December 11 so get on it and get this one sent in ASAP! learn more and apply here.

FILE (Electronic Language International Festival) has an open call for its 2020 edition. artists and researchers can submit works into the categories of: Interactive Art, Digital Language, Electronic Sonority, Workshops, Symposium, and Led Show. the deadline is January 14, so you have a little time to mull this one over. you can learn more here.

Commiserate Chicago 2020 is inviting artists to reflect and mediate on the state of media art as well as the survival of media arts in a city remote from major art markets with their new open calls. you can apply to exhibit your work, run a workshop, give a talk, or participate in a sex tech hackathon! you can learn more and submit by December 20 here.

El Centro de Cultura Digital in Mexico City just opened their call for workshop proposals for 2020. designers, artists, musicians, programmers, educators, developers, scientists, etc etc etc are invited to propose inclusive workshops of 6-12 hours that can serve their community. you can learn more & apply by January 6 here.

Theorizing the Web 2020 has opened their call for papers! this is their 10th anniversary, so they’re looking for a bit of a more retrospective approach. the submission deadline is January 19, and the event will take place from April 17-18 in NYC.

School for Poetic Computation has a call for students for Code Societies. you can learn more here.

Data & Society is accepting applications for their 2020-21 Faculty Fellows until December 17. learn more here.

Georgia Institute of Technology has an opening for an assistant professor in digital media. this is a tenure-track position, with an emphasis on design and social justice, effective August 2020. check it out here.

Rhizome has a rolling open call for their 2019-2020 microgrants! you can learn more & apply here!

just for lulz!

I have genuinely looked forward to Yogcast’s Jingle Jam every holiday season since I used to watch episodes of Shadow of Izraphel on the clock when I worked at [redacted sports media company]. Jingle Cats is always the best – a celebration of genuine weird internet:


if you have anything in the works that you are excited about (an event, a workshop, a new project), please send me all the details. the next newsletter will cover the week of December 16 – 22, but I’m happy to promote events further in the future as well and keep them on the calendar.

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