hey! yeah you! thank you!


2021 has already been… something. I wanted to say a proper thanks for these first few months of my transition to running An Artist’s Guide to Computation as an independent publication.

thanks to your direct financial support, both recently and during the life of this project, I’ve been able to:

  • migrate the entire archive and reader list to a new platform that gives me more control over the entire cycle of the publication
  • cover some of my personal and professional expenses with income from a project I actually believe in
  • spend more time on my personal creative development and growth
  • spend more time on community driven conversations and events
  • turn down contract and salaried work that doesn’t reflect my values or goals
  • take on contract work and new projects that are community-oriented and reflect my values and goals

I saw this video floating around the internet this week, and it felt worth sharing as part of this little moment of gratitude. I’m still figuring things out, and still working on how to make ends meet without ending up back in the big awful world of corporate tech, but every little subscription and donation has genuinely given me room to be, and to think about the world, and learn. even a few dollars is a coffee to get me thru the day, and lots of few dollars add up! I hope to keep sharing everything I can with you! there’s more to come!



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