finally my hermit powers come into fruition


I am very appreciative but not about to read a bunch of International Women’s Day posts about how exhausting it is to deal w/ nonsense in art & technology (if u need to know what I am talking about, see here) bc idk, preaching to the choir.

so instead here is a really soothing bit of math:

and also you should just go give women (especially trans women & women of color) money. like literally instead of retweeting something just go buy a piece of art or a zine or a game or a book or something made by a woman.

resource roundup!

I super goofed a sewn circuit this weekend and got some pro-tips on what to do on my next attempt with this video straight from Adafruit. clear nail polish! never would have thought of that:

this lil tool by Max Bittker lets u draw a little cross-stitch-y CSS border that you can then copy and paste right into your own website! so cute!

I love a reversible sequin, but it never occurred to me to make a clock w/ them! A+ quality internet:

you can read more about the project here.

here’s another fun little web-based tool: turn any image into a paint-by-numbers template that you can print and actually paint! bookmark this one for when ur stuck wfh for 2 weeks.

or maybe spend ur time at home getting inspired to make some pure CSS art, like this lovely little still life by Ben Evans. once u nail the lemon peel, next up is a full Dutch Golden Age still life….

speaking of CSS, centering things is still a classically baffling thing, even with the amazing new frontier that is flexbox (do any of y’all remember centering BEFORE flexbox???? please kill me). here’s a quick no shame guide on centering.

one more for all of u stuck at home: a big list of free resources for learning programming. pick something new and make the most of that time!


the ZKM | Hertz-Lab has a new artist-in-residence program, with 3 submission clusters seeking open project proposals that deal with disruptive future technologies, their reflection or technological implementation in artistic projects, as well as project proposals that concern the specific audiovisual infrastructure at ZKM | Hertz-Lab. applications are due by April 12. you can learn more here.

arebyte has an open call for young artists (under 28) based in the UK (tho outside of London). you can learn more and apply here by April 16.

VR Arles Festival is seeking submissions for the 2020 edition of the festival that meet their 3 curation themes. you can learn more and apply here by April 15.

applications are also open for VRHAM! in Hamburg, Germany. there are opportunities for both residencies (submit a project to be supported and developed) and the VRHAM! Academy (apply for free entrance to the festival program as well as networking events and guided tours). you can learn more and apply here by April 12.

Control Shift is a new arts program coming to Bristol in June 2020 exploring creative and critical approaches to technology. they’re seeking artworks, workshops, and provocations. you can learn more and apply by March 15 here.

the California State Arts Council recently released a new grant opportunity, Innovations & Intersections, which includes a category for Arts & Technology. applicants must either be a California-based nonprofit arts organization, arts-based unit of municipal or county government, or tribal government. applications are due by April 14! learn more here.

? upcoming events!

given the global circumstances, I’m hoping to feature more remote/live-streamed events for the next stretch, so if u have something that fits that bill, please email me! I’ll also be checking in w/ the various conferences and so on I feature to stay updated on cancelations/rescheduled events. for $$$ stuff, be sure to check refund policies and so on. check on ur local recommendations for safety and health!!

Tech Learning Collective have launched a number of remote workshops for March, including topics like Network Operations for Autonomous Communities, System Administration and Operation Basics, and Command Line Basics. check out the full roster here and sign up ASAP as these are all limited to 15 students! if ur already hunkered down & wfh because of covid-19, why not learn something new?

Fri Mar 13! remote! Open Hardware Summit is moving online! details forthcoming, but follow them on Twitter to stay up-to-date.

Sat Mar 14! MotionLab.Berlin! Berlin, Germany: Berlin Science Hacking is back with another meetup around sharing resources, showing off pet projects and meeting new collaborators! learn more and RSVP here.

Mar 19-20! LIMA Amsterdam! Amsterdam, Netherlands: Transformation Digital Art 2020 aims to show and discuss excising and new strategies for the documentation, transmission, and preservation of digital art for and by artists, curators and conservators. you can learn more and register here.

also Mar 19-21! remote: IAM Weekend 2020 is a call for organizations, designers, and citizens shaping and participating in the digital economy. this is now going to be a live online event, not an IRL event, with new details coming soon! I’d recommend following them on Twitter to stay up to date.

Sat Mar 21! co.up coworking! Berlin, Germany: Creative Code Jam is back this month with another gathering of artists, makers, designers, illustrators, coders, performers, learners and anyone interested in the use of computing skills for artistic expression. this is a free meetup especially intended to be welcoming to beginners! learn more and RSVP here.

also Sat Mar 21! La Gozadera! Mexico City, Mexico: feminist cyborg witch equinox party??? take my money! this event will feature a performance/talk by Fernanda del Monte on the piece “Mis humores,” followed by a concert & party. learn more here!

Tues Mar 24! Espacio X! Mexico City, Mexico: this free event looks to be an interesting introduction to using sustainable biomaterials in art and design! super cool! it’s presented by Edith Medina and Ricardo Muttio of Biology Studio, who also host workshops on creating and working with these avant garde materials. I am personally thinking about doing their workshop on biopolymers next month – I luv using leather & pleather in wearables for aesthetic and functional reasons and would extra luv to find some newer more sustainable substitutes. learn more here.

Mar 27-29! Gray Area! San Francisco, CA USA: Algorithmic Art Assembly is back for a second year! this 2-day conference and music festival will showcase diverse artists using algorithmic tools and processes in their work. early bird passes are on sale now – you can learn more and get tix here. keep an eye on this one tho, as SF is reportedly banning IRL events for the next 2 weeks, and the ban might extend.

just for lulz!



if you have anything in the works that you are excited about (an event, a workshop, a new project), please send me all the details. the next newsletter will cover the week of March 16 – 22, but I’m happy to promote events further in the future as well and keep them on the calendar.

also re: the residency! I have had a lot going on personally, and have set aside reviewing submissions and publishing residencies as my White Page Gallery until the end of this month. I hope you all understand! I want to do a good job with supporting the work, and just have been drained and need to recollect my focus. stay tuned! and if you have a project to submit, please feel free to continue to send things my way.

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